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Our Partnership With Varonis

Taking data from neglected to protected

We work with Varonis to arm our clients with an industry-leading platform that is built to protect the world’s most valuable and most vulnerable data.

Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Biggest Risk

Data is at the heart of almost every organization, yet conventional cybersecurity solutions, by themselves, have failed to protect it. On average, 20% of an organization's data is accessible to every employee, and this is an attack vector that can be swiftly mitigated with Varonis.

Varonis is a best-of-breed data governance and classification solution which allows organisations to audit, visualize, analyse, and protect unstructured data – approximately 80% of all business data. Varonis provides unparalleled visibility of unstructured data across organizations, ensuring compliance standards are met and continuously monitored and maintained.

Is Your Data Safe?

The Varonis Data Security Platform empowers you to sustainably reduce risk, detect and respond to threats and prove regulatory compliance.

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Data Protection

Assess, prioritize and mitigate your biggest IT security risks with a free data risk assessment. Find risk, reduce risk, and keep it from coming back.

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Threat Detection & Response

Varonis drastically reduces the time to detect and respond to cyberattacks by looking closer, spotting threats that traditional products miss.

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Varonis gives you the enterprise-wide visibility you need for effective discovery, auditing and compliance reporting across a wide variety of regulatory standards.

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