Cyber Stories: UK charity the Salvation Army hit by ransomware attack



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According to a Salvation Army spokesperson, criminals infected the Salvation Army in the UK with ransomware and siphoned the organisation's data. The Salvation Army refused to give any further information, such as the identity of the criminal attackers, or the volume and type of data accessed by them.

In any cybersecurity breach, the first few days and weeks after the attack are the most important, so this means your team needs to be equipped with knowledge on how to reduce and eliminate the risk of further attacks. It is imperative that those whose information may have been compromised are informed as soon as possible so they can be on guard against other attacks such as phishing for even more information.

It has been mooted by infosec industry sources that the Conti and Pysa ransomware gangs could have had a role in the attacks. Both these ransomware gangs have been known to target ‘soft underbelly’ targets such as hospitals, schools and local government councils as they represent easy opportunities to make gains.

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