Cyber Stories: Hundreds of networks reportedly hacked in Codecov supply-chain attack



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There has been a new batch of information relating to the recent Codecov system breach, a supply-chain attack that shares many similarities with the infamous SolarWinds hack.

Codecov is an online software testing platform utilised by over 29,000 enterprises building software. In the attack, threat actors gained Codecov's credentials from the flawed Docker image that the actors then used to alter Codecov's Bash Uploader script, used by the company's clients.

By replacing Codecov's IP address with their own in the Bash Uploader script, the attackers paved a way to silently collect Codecov customers' credentials—tokens, API keys, and anything stored as environment variables in the customers' continuous integration (CI) environments.

What is a supply chain attack?

A supply-chain attack, also commonly referred to as a third-party or value-chain attack, occurs when a malicious actor accesses an organization’s network by infiltrating a business partner or supplier that comes in contact with its data.

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