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What is a SOC?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a dedicated service to monitor and improve an organisation’s security posture whilst detecting, analysing and responding to suspicious activity across its systems, networks, and critical information processes.

Airnow’s SOC uses best-in-class security information and events management (SIEM) technology to retrieve data across your digital assets and is monitored by our team of security analysts, experts who are responsible for investigating suspicious activity and coordinating steps to remediate security issues.

Challenges of running a SOC in-house

Managing a SOC in-house can be difficult, due to the high cost of tools, lack of trained staff, and ongoing resource demands to provide a timely eyes-on service to protect the organisation. The complexity of the SIEM architecture that makes up the SOC can be overwhelming to those responsible for monitoring it, often generating thousands of security alerts daily. This exceeds most in-house teams' capability and budget.

Airnow’s security professionals have the capability to take care of all of this for you, giving you full assurance that your security posture is supported by our years of experience.

How does it work?

The SIEM technology collects logs from your servers, applications, network devices, client endpoints, and cloud platforms into a single location and automatically links events to detect malicious and unwanted behaviour, finding meaning in the sea of data. This allows the SOC to identify a “normal” flow of data and flag any anomalous activity, particularly when combined with external threat intelligence feeds which detect activity associated with active attack campaigns.

The benefits of Airnow’s SOC include:

  • Incident detection: Airnow’s SOC can detect a wide variety of threats. For example, cloud compromise can be seen by analysing the location of logins and whether there has been an “impossible journey.” Insider threats can be detected by looking for suspicious activity from employees, and data exfiltration flagged by monitoring unusual data transfers across the network.

  • Data visibility: presenting insights through visual dashboards ensures that anomalies and trends can be spotted early, which assists with minimising damage from incidents by responding as soon as possible in the attack cycle.

  • Seamless compliance reporting: the SOC’s ability to gather compliance data can help automate compliance reporting processes to save both time and money.

Stay secure with Airnow’s SOC

Our dedicated team of security experts can take care of your security posture so that you can have full confidence that your organisation is protected against cyber attacks.

As part of the SOC we consult with clients on a regular basis with advice on how they can optimise their resilience. Maximise your defences today, 24/7, 365 days a year and book your consultation.

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