Airnow Cybersecurity Reinvents the Application Lifecycle with Snyk and Hdiv Security



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Airnow Cybersecurity Reinvents the Application Lifecycle with Snyk and Hdiv Security

Airnow Cybersecurity is excited to announce that two of our leading Partners, Snyk and Hdiv Security, have partnered together to deliver a comprehensive approach to Application Security.

Snyk’s ability to automatically find and help remediate vulnerabilities in Custom Code, Open Source Code, Containers, and infrastructure as code, combined with Hdiv Security’s Unified Application Security Platform, results in an Application Security solution that developers can have full confidence in.

Teams can now have full security coverage throughout the Security Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With this new combined solution, developers can; automatically fix security vulnerabilities while they code, as well as find vulnerabilities and block attacks to production applications in real-time.

A Combination of Leading Cybersecurity Products

The collaboration involves the combination of leading cybersecurity products: Snyk’s developer-first static application security testing solution (SAST), Snyk Code and Hdiv Security’s interactive application security testing (IAST) Hdiv Detection.

This comprehensive approach brings together the industry leading testing and inspection solutions across the full software development lifecycle.

According to Snyk, this high-level security combination of static and interactive analysis technologies will ultimately provide joint customers with:

  • Improved coverage and accuracy: minimizing the chance of undetected vulnerabilities being unintentionally ignored and allowing better prioritization to increase individual developer impact

  • Overall increased developer productivity: developer teams are optimized for speed and agility and can achieve greater impact when acting on security insights earlier in the SDLC, directly contributing to their company’s business outcomes and overall security posture.

As a result, customers will have full assurance of their Application’s Security, from code to development with a much faster time to market by allowing them to more effectively uncover security flaws. This will subsequently free up more time for developers to prioritize the remediation and mitigation of their most pressing application layer risks.

Mission Statements Aligned

“Empower businesses to develop fast and stay secure”

- Snyk's Mission Statement

While Snyk Code compliments Hdiv Security’s mission by enabling developers to apply manual activities as part of the software development pipeline, Hdiv Security also amplifies Snyk's mission, by powering a faster time to market.

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Sign up here for a live demo of the solutions working together. In the meantime, Airnow Cybersecurity would like to say a big thank you to Snyk and Hdiv Security, who are working hard on this collaboration to bring developers such a highly innovative and up-scaled solution.