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Picture the scene. It’s 1929 and you’re in Chicago. Gunshots and tire squeals ring out across the city as ruthless factions of gangsters hold the city to ransom, terrorizing local businesses and large government institutions alike with no regard for human life or wellbeing.

A long since distant memory, right? Perhaps not.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and mobile apps are the new cigars and whiskey of the criminal underworld. Already difficult enough to deal with on their own, cybercriminals are teaming up in increasingly organized groups to attack unsuspecting businesses and their mobile apps.

But, unlike the likes of Al Capone and John Dillinger, these malicious hackers can be stopped thanks to our very own mobile security scanning, testing and triage reporting solution: MobSTR.

Introducing MobSTR

MobSTR is a mobile security solution that fights back. Providing a rapid security assessment overview of your entire mobile app estate, MobSTR’s goal is to ensure your organization is always one step ahead of any and all security risks.

When building an app, it’s understandable that a growing business might prioritise speed to market over addressing any security concerns. Traditionally speaking, mobile app testing is a slow process which requires a comprehensive penetration test of every individual app within your mobile app estate. But building apps in such a haphazard way can lead to serious security flaws being overlooked during the development stage, and consequently a number of dangerous apps entering the mobile app market.

Failing to guarantee the safety of your app can cause severe financial and reputational damage that could have been easily avoided with some prior due diligence. Thankfully, in-depth mobile security checks no longer have to be time-consuming and costly. With MobSTR, you can rapidly identify the biggest risks to your apps, with three key benefits:

It’s efficient

When it comes to app security, speed is a necessity. While other app security providers waste time and money performing deep penetration tests into each and every one of your apps, our team of mobile application security professionals can quickly assess a large number of your apps to see if they hold any immediate threats.

Once the top-level analysis is complete and we have identified any apps that may be susceptible to threat, we can then hone in on a specific app and initiate a penetration test of our own to resolve any outstanding issues. This service operates more efficiently than a solely manual one, as it delivers a high-quality set of prioritised results, without displaying the false positives that are normally seen in purely automated services.

It’s straightforward

Like all of our services, MobSTR is cybersecurity made simple. That means the triage report we’ll provide you with at the end of the process will be clear and easy-to-follow, showing you the main risks in your application portfolio so that you can take the appropriate actions to remediate the most pressing issues.

Our report uses the industry-standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), as well as a simple to understand Security Score for each application, giving you a clear overview of your riskiest applications. We then follow up each report with expert advice that will guide you through resolving the issues identified in the most direct manner.

To clarify each assessment cycle, our technical security specialists are available for a call to walk you through the results and provide any required clarification, as well as being on hand for telephone and email support during your remediation phase.

It’s meticulous

MobSTR is always watching.

As well as combining industry-standard security scoring, our MobSTR service is also unique in that it utilises metrics from the Airnow Data platform. Whether it’s the number of updates, users, installs or where users are based geographically, Airnow Data’s extensive database of app metrics can provide a highly meticulous report that is unparalleled in the industry.

MobSTR combines all of Airnow’s powers to give you a cutting edge and streamlined approach to app security that is both highly efficient and meticulous but delivered in a simple, digestible way.

Get in touch with one of our mobile application security professionals to learn how Airnow Cybersecurity can help you secure your apps, now and for the future.