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Nearly 60% of all codebases used by enterprises contain at least one vulnerability from open source components, according to the "Open Source Security and Risk Analysis" (OSSRA) report, published by Black Duck by Synopsys.

These are quite worrisome statistics. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

The problem with application code vulnerabilities is that they are typically identified at the end of the development lifecycle when the application code is presented to security teams for analysis.

This is where we come in useful. Partnering with Snyk, we pre-emptively secure the code so your business can avoid the time-consuming and costly 'too little too late’ technique of retroactively securing the code once the vulnerabilities are identified.

A Comprehensive Approach

It’s no coincidence that we have your application code vulnerabilities covered. Our approach to cybersecurity is based on the comprehensive NIST Cybersecurity Framework - a set of internationally approved best practices, standards and recommendations that help organisations improve their cybersecurity measures.

But let’s get back to Snyk.

Snyk is an innovative development security tool that sits seamlessly within the development lifecycle, automatically findings, prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities in the open-source dependencies used to build your cloud-native applications.

Our partnership with Snyk offers a unique combination of developer-first tooling and best in class security depth, enabling businesses to easily build security into their continuous development process.

What are the advantages?

It’s quick

As we mentioned earlier, Snyk identifies open source code vulnerabilities as early as possible in the application development lifecycle reduces the amount of time applications spend in production!

It’s automatic

Accelerate security and minimize exposure with access to manual pull requests, precision patches and fully automated upgrades and fixes.

It’s purpose-built

Snyk is purpose-built for developers, and this developer-first approach means it has grown into a security tool they can use and love. By using an advanced, built-in scoring system, Snyk also shows you which issues pose the greatest threat and which are the most worthwhile to fix.

It’s tracked

Snyk tests your dependencies every day for newly disclosed vulnerabilities affecting your projects and alerts you instantly when action is needed. Snyk’s leading vulnerability database is also managed by a team of experts, researchers and analysts ensuring the database maintains a high level of accuracy with a low false-positive rate.

It’s manageable

Easily manage your projects using built-in attributes or your own customized tags.