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Mobile App Security Scanning, Testing & Reporting

Protecting App Developers Against Malicious Attacks

Build and monitor apps confidently with MobSTR: Airnow Cybersecurity's very own mobile security scanning, testing and triage reporting solution.

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Introducing... MobSTR

Our Mobile Security Scanning, Testing and Triage Reporting Solution

Notorious as much for their crimes as their iconic outfits, the mobsters of the 1920s terrorized local businesses and communities. The cyber criminals of today are no different, teaming up in highly organized groups to attack unsuspecting businesses and their mobile apps.

To combat these malicious groups, you need a solution that fights back. You need a security testing and reporting system that is always watching.

You need MobSTR.

Secure Your Apps

Complete Overview in Three Simple Steps

MobSTR provides a rapid security assessment overview of your entire mobile app estate

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We perform an immediate review of your app, using a range of static analysis tools and insights from the Airnow Data platform to provide an overview of your app’s cybersecurity health.

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We conduct a range of manual tests and investigations to remove the false positives that are normally seen during purely automated services, for a more accurate result.

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We use Airnow metrics to score vulnerabilities against industry recognised standards (such as CVSS) to produce a clear and easy-to-follow remediation report.

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Why Secure Your Apps with MobSTR?

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

For the ultimate mobile app cybersecurity test

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